Other Certificates

Designed and manufactured in accordance with advanced child safety standards, Çilek products are produced with high technology using health-safe materials that comply with European Union standards.

Çilek has CE certificate in Electrical accessories. It has REACH certificate for packaging materials. Çilek, has a conformity report for paint and edge bands used in metal and plastic materials according to the RoHS Directive issued by the EU and EN 71-3 toxic element analysis. Cilek also has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 management system certificates.

The furniture produced by Çilek in compliance with the standard E1 has TSE E1 conformity certificate being issued by TSE and certifying that it does not have any carcinogenic effects.

Well-Known Brand Status

Well-known brand concept, Not only by the target mass; At the same time, refers to brands that have reached recognition at an acceptable level acceptable to all segments of society, and that associate in mind with no reflexes, without any reminiscence.