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BASSINET (45×90 cm)

AED 1,882.00
Width: 100 cm | Height: 161 cm | Depth: 63 cm

BEDSIDE COT (46×80 cm)

AED 940.00
Width: 83 cm | Height: 77 cm | Depth: 48 cm • It is suitable for your baby's use in the first 0-6 months age period. • At the request of mothers, our sleeping set is designed to equip the head of our baby cradle. • Our sleeping set has been carefully stitched by master hands, considering your baby's sensitive skin. • Our bedding set includes 1 mattress, mattress cover, rubberized sheet, pillow and 1 protection surrounding the bedside. • The baby is designed to move and move our crib easily. • It is designed to be fixed to any kind of parent bed with height adjustment. • After your cradle has expired, it can be used as a sitting unit and provides a second use alternative. Note: It is designed to have your baby at your side at any time during the 0-6 months period.


AED 900.00
Accessories not included in the price Width: 104 cm | Height: 62 cm | Depth: 57 cm • The bed level of the product is adjusted at 2 different heights. Height adjustment can be made according to baby growth months. • It has technical design in compliance with TSE and European standards, which includes safety, health, ergonomic conditions. • Baby bed railings are made of MDF profile and covered with PVC foil. • Metal parts are coated with electrostatic paint and guaranteed for 10 years. • All materials used in the product are lead free. • Canopy can be mounted on the product. Canopy are sold separately. • The product can be a baby cot that can be used by using the traditional swinging apparatus with code 20.00.1015.00 together with white (50 x 100 cm). The shaking apparatus is sold separately. • The product shaking with the shaking apparatus can easily cancel the shaking feature with the help of the apparatus placed on the curved edges. • 21.01.1168.00 Comfort baby bed (50x100x7 cm) is included in the product price. Note: Textile products and other accessories shown in the product photos are not included in the price.


AED 1,163.00
Accessories not included in the price Width: 124 cm | Height: 78 cm | Depth: 70 cm


AED 1,080.00
Accessories not included in the price Width: 124 cm | Height: 78 cm | Depth: 70 cm • The bed interior dimensions are designed as 60x120 cm. • Lift railing is used. • The bed level in the product is single height. • It is technically designed in compliance with TÜV GS (European) standards, including safety, health, ergonomic conditions. •Materials used in the product are lead free. • It is suitable for your baby's 0-3 age period. Maximum carrying capacity is 20 kg. Note: Textile products, bedding and other accessories seen in the product photos are not included in the product price.


AED 216.00
Width: 70 cm | Height: 5 cm | Depth: 3 cm


AED 160.00
Traditional Swaying Apparatus White 60x120 • The product gives swinging feature by using with the Customary Lift Bed White (60×120 Cm) coded 20.00.1016.00.


AED 160.00
Width: 57 cm | Height: 5 cm | Depth: 3 cm • The product gives swinging feature by using with the Customary Cradle White (50x100 Cm) coded 20.00.1014.00.

Folding Crib(45×90 Cm)

AED 1,162.00
Width: 71 cm | Height: 75 cm | Depth: 96 cm • The product consists of wooden frame, textile protection set and sponge bed. • Bed dimensions are 40x80x4 cm. • Fabric side protection can be used on both sides. It has portable fabric pocket, it can be used on both sides of the product. • Bottom wood feet can be dismantled and folded and carried practically.

Happy Nights Baby Bedding Set (60x120cm)

AED 527.00
Dimensions: Width: 60 cm | Depth: 120 cm The Happy Nights Baby Sleeping Set, which creates a soft sleep environment with its cotton structure, is high quality and durable. It creates a pleasant atmosphere with its moon and star figures and its night-reminiscent design, and fun rabbit figures. It is long-lasting thanks to its quality workmanship and fabric. Ideal for beds measuring 60x120 cm. It allows your children to have a pleasant sleep experience.


AED 422.00

Lily Soft – Medical Mattress offers the Full Functionality of a medicated mattress which includes overall back support but with a much softer feel.

  • Manufactured from Medium Density PU Foam Rebounded Sheet which is sterilized under high pressure and temperature.
  • Knitted fabric is quilted with two layers of PU Foam.

Little Love Baby Bedding Set (60x120cm)

AED 500.00
Width: 60 cm | Depth: 120 cm Little Love Baby Sleeping Set, which is prepared for your children to sleep comfortably with its soft structure, offers a quality use. Thanks to its durable structure, the product, which does not wear off easily, displays a fun image with lamb and star figures. The set, which includes 1 pillowcase, foot / head protection, 1 quilt and elastic bed sheet, also helps your babies development thanks to its quality sleep structure.