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BAMBOO MATTRESS (100x200x19 cm)

AED 950.00
Width: 100 cm | Height: 19 cm | Depth: 200 cm

BAMBOO+ MATTRESS (120x200x19 cm)

AED 1,065.00
Width: 120 cm | Height: 19 cm | Depth: 200 cm Bamboo+ mattress brings the goodness of nature to your sleep. A bed is the foundation of comfort. Your bed is the most decisive factor for a healthy sleep. It should be of good quality and comfortable. The knitting fabric of our bed is designed from natural bamboo yarns. Bamboo has a natural and breathable light structure. In this way, it provides a comfortable sleep by adapting to your body temperature. It gives a soft, comfortable sleeping feeling. Bamboo, which has the feature of drying 4 times faster than other fabrics and raw materials, quickly transfers the moisture and liquid to the air, stays cool even on the hottest summer days. Bamboo element with anti-allergic properties absorbs moisture best and facilitates breathing. In this way, it creates a dry, healthy sleeping environment that prevents the proliferation of microorganisms that cause allergies. Bamboo, a renewable raw material, is an organic, environmentally friendly and green production product. • Young Mattresses 13 - 16 - 19 cm. • Baby Mattresses 8 - 10 - 13 cm.


AED 527.00
Dimensions: Width: 61 cm | Height: 52 cm | Depth: 49 cm

Dotty Ceiling Lamp Pink

AED 420.00
Width: 47 cm | Height: 79 cm | Depth: 42 cm

Dotty Table Lamp Pink

AED 315.00
Width: 22 cm | Height: 46 cm | Depth: 22 cm

Dream Ottoman Pink

AED 730.00
Dimensions: Width: 92 cm | Height: 45 cm | Depth: 43 cm Dream Puff has a very stylish appearance with its piping and tulle fabric detailed edges. Dream Pouf, made of pink fabric, increases comfort with its comfortable seating area. Thus, children and young people meet both modernity and comfort in their rooms. Dream Puff also provides durability with its white lacquer painted wooden beech legs. Thus, all the desired features are offered to mothers with Dream Puff.

Lady Ceiling Lamp

AED 250.00
Dimensions: Width: 30 cm | Height: 75 cm | Depth: 30 cm

Lady Lampshade

AED 311.00
Width: 19 cm | Height: 50 cm | Depth: 19 cm.

Match Carpet Pink (120×180 Cm)

AED 486.00
Width: 120 cm | Depth: 180 cm


AED 405.00
Width: 15 cm | Height: 31 cm | Depth: 15 cm • The product is consisting one part. • The product has led illumination feature. • Touch control panel for opening, closing and color options. • Customization operating light option which can be changed as White and Yellow. • 4 color illumination option for night mode, which can be adjusted by touching. • Flexible body which can be turned 360 degree in if required. • DC socket input for power source. • PVC lower base. • Led lamp has been signed according to 100V-240V 50/60 Hz power current.


AED 663.00
Width: 170 cm | Depth: 230 cm

Rosa Bed Cover (90-100 Cm)

AED 663.00
Width: 135 cm | Depth: 230 cm